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I had a wonderful stay at One Breath of Yoga. Coco was a fantastic teacher and host. She helped me develop a daily Mysore practice for which I’m very grateful. Moreover, she was a terrific spiritual guide, providing invaluable advice and suggestions. The food was delicious. Big smoothies in the late morning and an incredible raw meal in the early evening. Also, the whole property was beautiful and relaxing. So nice to be in the jungle. And the beach was a 10 min taxi or 25 min bike ride away. Puerto Morelos is a cute little town. I can’t wait to go back for my next visit!

Judd Holzman

This is the most amazing place to practice. A must for an Ashtangi to experience. Coco Onebreathofyoga is a lovely soul and makes you feel at home

Susana Chacon MacDonald

LIved in the Ashram for a Month. I am must say I loved the stay. It is a magical place, ideal for learning yoga and self-reflection. Coco is a great host and cooks very good delicious raw food.

Pavneet Tiwana

I came upon One Breath by pure chance, initially just looking for a place to sleep for a few nights. I ended up staying for 2 weeks and joining in the Ashtanga intensive course. Coco is an inspiring teacher with strong intuition and experience to guide you in a right way for your practice.

Her raw vegan meals are delicious and nourishing, and give you incredible energy. One can also take part in temazcal (sweat lodge) and other sacred ceremonies, which is a beautiful opportunity.

I stayed in the palapa stone cabin nestled amongst the jungle. It’s a magical space to reconnect with nature and oneself.

This is the place to cleanse the body, mind and spirit. The soul feels at home.

Hana Wei

I stayed with Coco for 3 days and had the most amazing jungle retreat! We practiced and meditated every morning in her beautiful studio. And then she cooked us raw meals filled with love and nourishment. She also arranged for massages at the ashram with the amazing Antonio. I feel restore and rested. I look forward to my next visit – for longer! Thanks Coco!

Karen DeTemple

Coco is a Gardian, The Gardian of the God House.
Aruna ‘s place is the garden of God.
The “Shala” is the God House where the Cosmic Yogi Masters are.
With the Coco ‘s practice and all people who’s practising , the place is nourish by every colors of yoga!
The Shala is like a tea bag, people are water, so people infusing in the mastering of yoga.
When people practiced , they open the cells, they open themselve to receive the Mastering!
It’s like to put more Light in the inconciousness…
So Practice, practise, practise in the Shala : you will become the “House of God” !
For me this place is a Healing Center, where you Can master and heal really deeply yourself.

I understand yogis, who go 30 years in a cavern to deeply go in yourself far from stimulation of external World:
Here with coco and her “Ashtanga and Ceremony retreat” you can go inside to find ” The Way of yourself in a week! ( For me the Mission of my life).
Thanks you for Everything Coco and congratulation for all your work in “every bodies”!


I was so grateful to have found Coco and her beautiful yoga ashram in the jungle, just 3 miles west of the small beach town of Puerto Morelos. I went there in the hope that transformation was possible, and left 9 days later – trusting that all I needed to do was to surrender to the daily practice that was being taught to me by Coco – patiently, with grace and wisdom. The whole place – the shala, the breezes through the trees, the hammocks in the kitchen, the dogs, the monkeys, the sweat lodge, the delicious food, and, of course, the fellow travelers who I met there – have become a part of my inner landscape. I hope to return there again – soon. Muchas gracias, Coco!

Laila Salins

A beautiful experience for our group. Unique, earth friendly, mindful experience in the jungle. Worth the trip!

Jennifer E Howell

I came here for a few days of rest and rejuvenation and it was incredible! Coco is an incredible host. She doesn’t overlook the details either. The place is beautifully decorated and the ambiance is calm and quiet. Just what I needed!

Emilie Reid