At One Breath of Yoga we have an exclusively raw food diet (with the occasional excpetion). We encourage our guests to try and participate as much as they can with our eating program. After morning yoga we have a large super smoothie served around 11am, then in the evening we have the main meal of the day.

Guests are ofcourse welcome to eat extra food inbetween these meal times (we will also provide you with mixed nuts to snack on), however we invite you as much as possible to try and stick to our daily food ritual, as we beleive it is the best way to support your health while on your stay.


Enjoy a super healthy power smoothie every morning. Each one is different, and it will be sure to fill you up with all the goodness you need for the day ahead!

One Breath of Yoga - Community, Consciousness & Self-Realization
One Breath of Yoga - Community, Consciousness & Self-Realization

Main Meal

Be prepared to have your mind blown by all the possibilities of raw food cooking. Raw doesn’t have to be just cold, we use our dehydrator machine to create some truly epic dishes. Watch out for the famous raw lasagne!