One Breath of Yoga Ashram


29th September to 06 October 2024

What does this retreat offer?

Through the practices of Yoga, Music, Ayurveda and Sacred Ceremonies, you will leave with a deeper experience on how to reconnect to both yourself and the natural world.

During this process, you will receive a toolkit of rituals and practices that will continually serve to empower and rebalance you after the experience. Be ready to reconnect with yourself, supported by the Mahabhutas or the 5 Great Elements and the Music that ties it all, the sutra.

What will you learn ?

  • Basic understanding of the 5 elements.
  • How to integrate the elements into your daily life.
  • Songs and chants specific to each element.
  • How to create sacred ceremony for each element.
  • How the elements are involved in what we eat and how to use them.
  • Practices and rituals to bring stability to our own elements

Leaded by

Foko De La Pena

Foko has been cooking this retreat with such special care and attention in order to offer the fruits of his dedicated research from different cosmovisions between India and the tradition of his country Mexico. Recognized at the ashram as the wise master for our medicinal food, his passion started as just a 12-year-old boy when he was trained by everyone's favorite chef - his grandma.

Suddenly he was rising through the ranks at a private cooking agency while simultaneously practicing yoga under his teacher Michael Stewart, founder of Shanta Vira Yoga.

In 2018 his cooking took a more conscious path and led him to study Ayurveda, became Ayurveda consultant, and a very special and constant star of the living singing circle that we hold here for our guests.

His passion for the elements and the desire to be at service and empower others human beings through the gifts he received in his life quest leaded him to open this space that we are so happy to hold at the One breath of Yoga Ashram.

What makes this retreat special?

It is known that the whole cosmos and ourselves revolve under the play of the 5 Great Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether). By understanding the way these elements work – supported with the knowledge of Ayurveda, Tantra and Yoga (the 3 sister sciences) – we can find a way to restore balance and enhance our day-to-day lives.

Music, music and more music. We have come to understand that sound and vibration is a powerful medium through which to heal and connect with the spirits.

So if you are someone who is looking to unblock your musical expression, or already love to get stuck in with the chorus, then this will be a wonderful experience for you!

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Every day starts with a morning practice of Yoga, chanting, and meditation, followed by daytime workshops/talks, evening ceremonies, and regular singing circles.
  • Day 0: Arrival Day
  • Day 1: Welcome Temazcal and Opening Circle
  • Day 2: Earth/Water - Cacao shaker Workshop & Soundbath circle
  • Day 3: Fire/Wind - Primal Movement & Rapé ceremony
  • Day 4: Space/Ether - Aum chanting & Ayahuasca ceremony
  • Day 5: Wind/Fire - Smudging workshop & Animal Totem meditation
  • Day 6: Water/Earth - Mud bath, Flower bath & Cacao ceremony
  • Day 7: Temazcal & Kirtan singing circle
  • Day 8: Departure Day

The Food

All of the food is inspired by their very own host Foko. Having spent most of his life as a professional chef he knows a thing or two about how to make a good meal! He sprinkles his Ayurvedic knowledge onto all the dishes he creates, but it is his huge heart that seasons the food most strongly. Every meal is full of love and devotion. Tasting is believing!

You will enjoy breakfast after your morning practices, it would be prepared under the Ayurvedic guidelines and herbal knowledge to create a balancing meal with the elements. The breakfast will include a combination of fruits at their own time followed up by a hearty cereal packed with spices, seeds, and nuts. Tea will be served after.

At night you will be part of a family-style dinner, following what Ayurveda recommends you to stay balanced with your elements and while also keeping the medicinal aspect of food in tune with your needs.

This will include different portions of cereals, fresh veggies, salsas or chutneys, grains, and magical spices. Tea will be served after. Snacks and beverages will be present every day during our break at noon. Always under the same guidelines.