One Breath of Yoga Ashram


3rd to 10th of August,
24th to 31th of August 2024.

What does this retreat offer?

This retreat is designed to help you reconnect with the great spirit and the elements in order to bring peace, love, integrity, and joy to your life. Connect with nature and nourish yourself with raw/vegan food. This retreat will help you to free yourself from internal blockages, build confidence, find healing and shift your perspective.

The retreat is contained by the yoga practice, meditation and nourishing raw vegan food that uplift the experience of shamanic rituals . We are blessed to work with experienced shamans and master plant teachers to help you on your spiritual journey towards expanded consciousness, self-awareness and embracing the divinity within.

The Team

Coco Lepage

Born in Canada, Corinne (Coco) started to practice yoga more than 20 years ago after the birth of her son. With a background in both practicing and teaching ballet and contemporary dance for more than 16 years, Corinne warmed up to yoga easily. For her, yoga became much more than a physical practice; she felt very soon the connection between body, mind, and soul. Coco's mission is to share a new lifestyle living to aim to be a better person and caring for the planet.

Pamela Dharani

With over 13 years of experience in medicine and holistic therapies all around the world, Pamela formed her offerings through the teachings of her many different guides and masters. Interested in both traditional lineages and alternative Western healers, her studies include walking the red path, working with the Santo Daime Church, and learning from Shipibo and Quechua masters in Peru.

Ale Sai

With the gift of melting hearts when she sings, Ale embodies all the characteristics of Bhakti and devotion. Growing up with a father who was a talented Kirtan musician, she has naturally followed that path. She is a wonderful space holder in Cacao, Kirtan, Temazcal, and many other ceremonies, and it is an honor to have her as part of the Masters’ team.

Ivan Rodriguez

This man has the gift of gods running through his hands. Prepare to be blown away by Ivan’s multi-instrumental sound healing sessions. As a master musician and experienced shaman, he will be facilitating the Ayahuasca ceremony alongside Pamela, offering a truly powerful experience.

The term diet is the literal translation of the Spanish word “dieta” which refers to shamanic teaching/learning from the master’s plants as it is practised by the “vegetalista” shamans of the Peruvian Amazon.