Noya Rao

Noya Rao which is otherwise known as “The Tree of Light” or “Camino a la Verdad” – The Path of Truth is a mythical plant, of which there are only three in the entire Amazon Basin. Noya Rao has belonged to and been used in sacred ceremony by the Mahua Shipibo traditions for centuries. Noya Rao is known for its capacity to activate intuition in the dietero(a), promote mental clarity and to increase one’s capacity for organized thought. Coupling a Master Plant Dieta with spiritual practices heightens Noya Rao’s capacity to promote profound healing and to reveal important insights to the dietero

She will guide you through beautiful sunrise meditations to connect with the elements and will also adjust you during the practices, with a soft touch and strong character.

What makes this retreat special?

The container of conscious Yogic practices supporting your Noya Rao diet offers an exceptional opportunity to connect deeply to your energy, dive into your inner landscapes, and explore your underworld, your subconscious. You will activate a richer understanding of yourself while re-learning how to live in your physical body. As you expand your physical sense of self and familiarize yourself with the subtle and energetic, you will likely encounter a true neutral place in the mind – and embrace the natural stillness when our bodies, hearts, and minds come into alignment.



  • 4 fully supervised curated Ayahuasca Ceremonies (+ 5th one optional)
  • Noya Rao Dieta (possibility to opt for a Bobinsana Dieta)
  • Intimate group setting
  • Personalized consultations and individualized plant medicine treatments from Maestra Juana
  • Daily guided meditations
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Silent days
  • Fascinating group lectures that reveal the sacred traditions of the Shipibo tribe

The Team

Maestra Juana

Also known as Isa Yaka (Little bird), she was born into the Shipibo community of Pahoyan, one of the most powerful Shipibo healing lineage in the Peruvian Amazon. She is around 60 years, however her exact age is unknown. She has been studying for more than 35 years under Maestra Manuela, Papa Gilberto and Papa Bejamin who are all members of the highly respected curandero family, the Mahua family. Juana began her dieta on the mythical Amazonian tree Naya Rao when she was just 20 years old and has dedicated her life to the path of healing ever since. Juana is also very learned in the workings of the human body, possessing an excellent knowledge of the bones and skeletal system. We are delighted to have Juana's expertise, depth of wisdom and fun loving spirit with us.


Ashtanga devoted practitioner and teacher for many years, she has founded the One breath Of Yoga Ashram. The space located in Mexico's Mayan Riviera provide deep and profound healing through the transmission of Yoga's wisdom and the combination with Shamanic rituals and practices. Countless students have been called to be held by this powerful space and participate in the variety of retreats. Attracting as well a highly recognized team of Yoga teachers, Shamans and healing facilitators coming from all over the world, Coco has managed to hold this space for many years and support hundreds of human being in their healing process.


Certified in Biomagnetism, breath work, and yoga therapies, Pamela began her shamanic journey in 2006 with the church of Santo Daime. Pamela has received training from the Red Path, vision quests, as well as from the Shipibo Masters in Peru, and has facilitated at the Sacred Valley Tribe Center for several years, using plant medicines to heal veterans affected by PTSD and people recovering from addiction.
With the support of the great spirit, thanking the opportunity to facilitate
 the sacred medicine of Ayahuasca to be able to share with the family of 
the world the connection with the internal teacher. Helping to deepen the subconscious 
finding patterns of behavior to transform them and reach a peace 
and inner harmony.


Multi-instrumentalist, singer, sonatherapy, facilitator of the ancestral medicine of the Ayahuasca, physical trainer and yoga facilitator.

He has been working with Ayahuasca medicine since 2012, initially with the red path and subsequently with many other traditions and ways of consecrating medicine.
Using ancestral medicines to help people find their inner peace and awaken their superior being, spirituality and health that leads them to a more tranquil and happy life.


One Breath of Yoga Ashram


Coming soon... (November 2024)

Located in the Mayan jungle, One Breath of Yoga Ashram is the space offers a beautiful and powerful combination of traditional Ashtanga practice and wisdom with Shamanic rituals and healing practices from both Amazonian and Mexican ancestral culture.