What's included?

  • 7-nights accommodation
  • All ceremonies
  • All activities
  • Delicious healthy meals, created specifically in preparation for each ceremony
  • Excursion transportation
  • Free filtered drinking water and tea available too
  • Unlimited use of on-site WiFi


Day 1  |  Arrival, introduction

Day 2  | Yoga, beach tour, Ayahuasca (night time)

Day 3  |  Group share, Temazcal, Breathwork w/ sound healing

Day 4 |  Kambo, Cenote Tour

Day 5  |  Yoga, Ayahuasca (day time)

Day 6  |  Group share, Bufo Alvaruis, Cacao Ceremony

Day 7  |  Integration talk, departure

Your facilitators

Pamela Dharani

Certified in Biomagnetism, breath work, and yoga therapies, Pamela began her shamanic journey in 2006 with the church of Santo Daime. Throughout her practice she has used a unique blend of music and sacred medicines to facilitate the healing of thousands of individuals around the world. Through her compassion, strength, and understanding, she creates an environment where people can truly heal.

Pamela has received training from the Red Path, vision quests, as well as from the Shipibo Masters in Peru, and has facilitated at the Sacred Valley Tribe Center for several years, using plant medicines to heal veterans affected by PTSD and people recovering from addiction.

VISION: With the support of the great spirit, thanking the opportunity to facilitate
the sacred medicine of Ayahuasca to be able to share with the family of
the world the connection with the internal teacher. Helping to deepen the subconscious
finding patterns of behavior to transform them and reach a peace
and inner harmony.

Ivan Rodriguez

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, sonatherapy, facilitator of the ancestral medicine of the Ayahuasca, physical trainer and yoga facilitator.

Ivan studied in Mexico City at the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) in the concert career in guitar and solfege worked in that musical category until 2005.

He has been working with Ayahuasca medicine since 2012, initially with the red path and subsequently with many other traditions and ways of consecrating medicine. In 2017 he worked as a facilitator at the ARKANA center and as a facilitator of the sonotherapy and ceremonies at the center. In 2018 he was part of the Team of facilitators of SACRED VALLEY TRIBE in the MahaTemplo
de la Pacha in the city of Pisac, Peru.

Ivan has worked in Ayahuasca retreats with Diego Palma in Melisa Wasy in Pisac and in retreats in SACHA MUNAY. He is currently a facilitator in ARKANA SPIRITUAL CENTER, sacred valley and in freedom in the city of Iquitos. He is also carrying out personalized Ceremonies at ONE BREATH YOGA, in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

VISION: Using ancestral medicines to help people find their inner peace and awaken their superior being, spirituality and health that leads them to a more tranquil and happy life.

What makes this retreat special?

We offer different sacred ceremonies, yoga, therapies and tours, guided by highly experienced facilitators and shamanic guides. The retreat is aimed to help people in the process of transformation and self-realization. Facilitating opportunities for you to dive deep into inner work, healing and reconnecting with true self and joy.